“Ben Lim Sensei has done an incredible job…”

Apr 18

If I could offer anything it would be that Ben Lim Sensei has done an incredible job introducing me to the engaging world of martial arts and Aikido. His knowledge of both Karate and Aikido are very thorough and he promotes an enjoyable and fun approach to training that also stresses elements of self determination and discipline.   Ben Sensei’s focus on self improvement lay the foundation for building one’s confidence and spirit in Aikido and in life.  His associations with other dojos in Calgary make for very well rounded approach to Aikido as he encourages training with other Senseis and at various seminars and workshops. Overall my experiences at Masa Kokoro with Ben Lim Sensei have been very rewarding.

- Marc Schaller

  • Aikido Competitions

    We say that Aikido has no competition as this martial art has many dangerous techniques, perhaps more so than any other martial art. Be it the joint or Kansetsu movement or striking or Ate movement, Aikido is exceptional for self-defense and hence has no competition. Due to so many dangerous techniques, no competitions are organized in Aikido as the results could be really dangerous and even result in death.

  • Preventing Injuries

    Aikido is considered as the best martial art for preventing injuries. Since it inherits the power of Katachi training, Aikido prevents injuries in the best possible way. It comprises of various moves that can make the aikidoka win without getting injured nor hurting the opponent.

  • Aikido Definition

    The word “aikido” is made up of three Japanese characters: AI – harmony, KI – spirit, mind, or universal energy, DO – the Way. Thus aikido is “the Way of Harmony with Universal Energy.” However, AIKI may also be interpreted as “accommodation to circumstances.” This latter interpretation is somewhat non- standard, but it avoids certain undesirable metaphysical commitments and also epitomizes quite well both the physical and psychological facets of aikido.

  • Aikido Kobayashi Dojo

    Aikido Kobayashi Dojo is an organization founded by Kobayashi Yasuo Dojocho (head of the dojo) in April 1969 at Gakuen-Higashi-cho in Kodaira-city, Japan. With the ideal of spreading aikido to many, they strive to instruct aikido to many. Also, the uchideshi (live-in training) program of the dojo fosters many aikido instructors. Masa Kokoro Aikido and Ben Lim Sensei are directly affiliated with them.

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