Masa Kokoro Year-End Party (忘年会)

Dec 13

Our Bonenkai was the perfect way to say goodbye to 2009. We had a dozen friends come out and we ate like royalty at Sakana Grill. Some of us ate too much; some of us had never eaten sushi before(!); but all of us said goodbye to 2009 in style. We look forward to training with our friends in 2010.

Original Event Details

Our last practice of the year is on Friday, Dec. 18th. We will be having our year-end party on Monday, Dec. 21st. Friends of Masa Kokoro are invited to come as well. For details, please contact Eric or see our Facebook event listing here.

  • Preventing Injuries

    Aikido is considered as the best martial art for preventing injuries. Since it inherits the power of Katachi training, Aikido prevents injuries in the best possible way. It comprises of various moves that can make the aikidoka win without getting injured nor hurting the opponent.

  • Aikido History in Japan

    The year 1942 is often cited as the beginning of modern aikido. It was at that time that the Dai Nihon Butokukai, desiring to achieve a standardization in teaching methodology and nomenclature for modern Japanese martial arts, reached an agreement with the Kobukai representative Minoru Hirai to call the jujutsu form developed by Morihei Ueshiba aikido. Thus, AIKI BUDO joined the ranks of judo, kendo, kyudo and other modern martial arts.

  • Shikko

    The practice of Shikko (or “knee-walking”), which has become an integral part of Aikido training, was originally developed when Japanese feudal lords required that all their followers remain on their knees while in the lord’s presence. It later developed into a formal movement in many Samurai ceremonies.

  • Objective of Aikido

    The main objective of Aikido is to attain harmony of body, mind and soul to show the attacker the irrationality of his own actions. It means a way of energy unification within and with the opponent. However, like other martial arts, the objective of Aikido is not to defeat or hurt or achieve victory over the opponent. It aims at winning over oneself than on someone else.

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