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4630 16 Ave NW,
Calgary, AB T2M 0L4

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(403) 815-0860 – Ben Lim Sensei


info [at] masakokoro [dot] com

We are a women-friendly club

  • Women have their own shower room
  • Women are treated with the same respect as men
  • We believe that women can do Aikido well


Masa Kokoro Aikido Dojo came into existence in September of 1998 At SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). Our philosophy in Aikido is to teach harmony and self confidence in life. Like O-Sensei said, “True victory is victory over oneself”. It’s still true. Today we still train our students to follow the philosophy of O-Sensei’s teachings. Learn the art well and be humble.

We are a high-spirited club with dedicated students who are eager to learn. We follow strict Japanese discipline and tradition which links us to the founder of the Art and all those who study it.

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  • Masa Kokoro Philosophy

    Learn the way of harmony in everyday living through the Japanese Martial Art of Aikido. Stretch your mind power to acquire a calm spirit and enhanced metal focus, to be at one with the universe. It places emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement. Use of the wooden staff (jo), the wooden sword (bokken), and the wooden knife (tanto) are included along with various hand techniques for blending with the opponent’s attack method.

  • Shikko

    The practice of Shikko (or “knee-walking”), which has become an integral part of Aikido training, was originally developed when Japanese feudal lords required that all their followers remain on their knees while in the lord’s presence. It later developed into a formal movement in many Samurai ceremonies.

  • Inaba Sensei

    Yasuhisa (Yas) Inaba Sensei was born November 26, 1952 in Osaka, Japan. He married Keiko Inaba and immigrated to Calgary in 1980. Yas began his career in Canada as a petroleum engineer, as well as to begin his own dojo as a teaching master of Aikido. He later began his own business, practising and teaching acupuncture and shiatsu. Yas obtained his sixth degree black belt in Aikido and title of Shihan. Yas took great pride in teaching his children the art of Aikido and was very proud of their accomplishments. He was a loving and devoted husband, father, teacher, healer and friend. He will be dearly missed by all his family, patients, friends and students.(November 26, 1952 – January 26, 2009)

  • Canadian Aikido History

    Takeshi Kimeda is credited with introducing Yoshinkan Aikido to Canada on his arrival in 1964 in Toronto, Ontario. Kimeda, presently ranked 7th dan, systematically built up a network of dojos in the Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor areas. This development was enhanced by the arrival of Mitsugoro Karasawa, now a 6th dan, in 1970.

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